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Resident Evil’s 20 Creepiest Monsters – Game Rant

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Resident Evil might not have invented the survival-horror style, however it’s with out query probably the most profitable horror franchise in gaming historical past. Because it debuted within the mid-90s, Resident Evil has seen numerous sequels, spinoffs, novels, movie variations, and extra, giving followers of the franchise no scarcity of bone-chilling content material to take pleasure in.

When one considers the sheer variety of Resident Evil video games which were launched, it’s no shock that the franchise has produced a ton of freaky monsters to hang-out gamers’ nightmares through the years. Out of all of the Resident Evil monsters, although, the next 20 stand out as particularly creepy.

1. Mind Sucker/Drain Deimos

Whereas they’re not precisely the identical creatures, Mind Suckers and Drain Deimos are each the results of arthropods turning into contaminated with the T-Virus. Showing in Resident Evil Three: Nemesis, these horrific-looking creatures are like big fleas, pouncing on their victims and sucking the blood from their physique. Whereas they will not be probably the most well-known monsters the collection has produced, they’re undoubtedly a few of the ugliest.

2. Cerberus

Resident Evil: Scariest Moments in Series History - Zombie dog jumps through window

The Resident Evil franchise is full of zombie canine of every kind, however probably the most recognizable are the dobermans that the Umbrella Company reworked into monsters as a part of the Cerberus undertaking. Within the first Resident Evil recreation, these disfigured monsters homicide Joseph Frost, and chase the remainder of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha staff into the mansion, the place they find yourself dealing with off towards even larger horrors. The primary time gamers encounter a Cerberus in-game happens shortly after the beginning when one bursts by means of a hallway window in a scene that we named one among Resident Evil‘s scariest moments.

Three. Chainsaw Man

resident evil 4 chainsaw man

Resident Evil four could be the highest-rated recreation within the collection, however it has additionally been criticized by some followers for straying too removed from the franchise’s horror roots. Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply it lacks scary monsters, and actually, Resident Evil four is residence to a number of the scariest monsters in your complete collection. Probably the most memorable is the burlap sack-wearing Chainsaw Man, who’s able to decapitating protagonist Leon S. Kennedy with ease, and whose revving chainsaw is sufficient to strike worry within the hearts of even the bravest players.

four. Chimera

To create the Chimeras, Umbrella kidnapped homeless ladies and impregnated them with an embryo comprised of each human and fly DNA. The result’s a completely grotesque creature not in contrast to Jeff Goldblum from the basic physique horror film The Fly. Fortunately, a lot of the Chimeras have been destroyed within the mansion explosion on the finish of the primary Resident Evil, however they’ve nonetheless managed to pop in different video games within the collection through the years.

5. Comms Officer/Scagdead

resident evil revelations comms officer

The unlucky Comms Officer in Resident Evil: Revelations was reworked right into a ghastly monster referred to as a Scagdead because of the T-Abyss virus. A wierd, two-headed, cumbersome creature, the build-up and preliminary encounter with this enemy stands as probably the most efficient elements of Revelations.

6. Crimson Heads/Zombies

Resident Evil: Scariest Moments in Series History - Crimson Head

The basic zombie deserves a spot on this listing, particularly contemplating the creepy first encounter gamers have with them within the unique Resident Evil recreation. The sight of a zombie munching on a lifeless S.T.A.R.S. member solely to slowly flip its head round and eyeball the participant is undoubtedly some of the iconic moments in horror gaming historical past. Nevertheless, the Resident Evil remake on the GameCube someway discovered a approach to make the mansion’s zombies even scarier.

Enter the Crimson Heads. Within the Resident Evil remake, gamers should burn zombies’ our bodies after killing them or else they could evolve into quicker, clawed creatures referred to as the Crimson Heads. Since gamers have restricted stock area, they should determine between carrying across the provides to burn any zombies they occur to kill, or operating the danger of getting a mansion full of those almost unstoppable monsters.

7. Eveline

Resident Evil 7's Ending Explained - Eveline

Thought-about the subsequent era of bio-weaponry, Eveline was created to be a devastating drive on the battlefield. Taking the type of a seemingly innocent little woman, Eveline is able to thoughts management and morphing individuals into blob-like creatures referred to as Molded. Eveline’s true type is a multitude of gray flesh and black mould, and it’s a disturbing sight to behold.

eight. G (William Birkin)

resident evil 2 remake claire redfield william birkin

Considered one of Umbrella’s key scientists and the person behind most of the firm’s horrible experiments, William Birkin winds up contaminated with the G-Virus, turning right into a constantly-evolving monster named G. He begins searching down his daughter, Sherry Birkin, and causes the residents of Raccoon Metropolis to turn into contaminated with the T-Virus, turning lots of them into bloodthirsty zombies. G’s creepy look alone earns him a spot on this listing, however his significance to the franchise’s lore can also be notable.

Because it seems, G shall be making a comeback to the franchise as a part of the Resident Evil 2 remake, and we’ve already seen him do battle with Claire Redfield in numerous gameplay trailers launched for the upcoming recreation.

9. Hunters

Resident Evil: Scariest Moments in Series History - Hunter and Chris Redfield

One among Umbrella’s most profitable bio-weapons is the Hunter, a species created by combining reptiles, people, and the T-Virus. Within the video video games, Hunters are a number of the deadliest creatures gamers can come throughout, able to one-hit kills by way of graphic decapitation. Far smarter than run of the mill zombies and a lot of the different monsters on this listing, it’s no shock different bio-weapon firms have continued to supply their very own Hunters since Umbrella’s demise.

10. Jack Baker


“Welcome to the family, son!” The patriarch of the Baker household, Jack Baker is a surprisingly tragic character in Resident Evil 7. Beneath the management of Eveline, Jack turns into a nearly indestructible monster who stops at nothing in his quest to homicide Ethan Winters.

Over the course of the sport, Jack is mutilated, shot quite a few occasions, and even lit on hearth, however nothing appears to sluggish him down. Ultimately, Jack mutates into an enormous Molded creature, however his human type that taunts and stalks Ethan all through the plantation is arguably far scarier.

11. Iron Maiden/Regenerator

Gaming's 10 Most Terrifying Monsters - Resident Evil 4 Regenerator

One in every of gaming’s scariest monsters is surely the Regenerators from Resident Evil four. The Regenerators are principally invincible until the Plagas parasites crawling beneath their pores and skin are attacked instantly, requiring Leon to gather a particular infrared scope to take them out. In the meantime, Iron Maidens are a good deadlier tackle the Regenerators, crammed with extra parasites and able to producing spikes from their fleshy our bodies.

12. Leech Zombie

In Resident Evil zero, Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen encounter quite a lot of Leech Zombies, that are common zombies coated in leeches contaminated with the T-Virus. Leech Zombies are smarter than the typical zombie, and the mass quantity of leeches present a type of armor for his or her host, making them much more troublesome to kill. The disgusting, slime-covered leeches actually improve the gross-out issue for these monsters as they crawl throughout one another and their host’s undead flesh.

13. Lickers


Apart from the franchise’s commonplace zombies, a number of the most recognizable monsters in Resident Evil historical past are the Lickers that have been first launched in Resident Evil 2. Lickers are notable for his or her skinless our bodies, sharp claws, fanged tooth, uncovered brains, capacity to crawl on partitions and ceilings, and naturally, their signature lengthy tongues. The primary encounter with a Licker in Resident Evil 2 is one among that recreation’s most startling scenes, and will probably be fascinating to see if the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake can do it justice.

14. Lisa Trevor

Resident Evil: Scariest Moments in Series History - Lisa Trevor and Chris Redfield

The Resident Evil remake on the GameCube launched some new monsters that weren’t within the unique recreation, just like the aforementioned Crimson Heads and the downright disturbing Lisa Trevor. The daughter of the architect that constructed the mansion, she was kidnapped, abused, and tortured for years as she was used as a check topic for Umbrella’s evil experiments.

The experiments reworked her right into a horrible, hulking beast that was almost invincible, with gamers encountering her out at midnight woods surrounding the mansion in addition to the complicated cave system beneath the property. Lisa’s backstory and her twisted look make her not simply one of many creepiest monsters in Resident Evil historical past, but in addition some of the tragic.

15. Marguerite Baker


As soon as a loving spouse and mom, Marguerite Baker has warped into a very sick and twisted monster because of the powers of Eveline through the occasions of Resident Evil 7. On prime of the standard deformities that include being beneath Eveline’s spell, Marguerite additionally strikes her household towards cannibalism, making meals for them comprised largely of human stays. She has additionally managed to develop the power to regulate quite a lot of bugs, making her one of many creepiest members of the Baker household by far.

16. Mia Winters


Mia Winters is the lacking spouse of protagonist Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7, however when Ethan finds her on the Baker household plantation, she isn’t precisely human anymore. Possessing unimaginable power and susceptible to sudden matches of rage, Mia winds up slicing off her personal husband’s hand with a chainsaw inside moments of their reunion. Like the opposite Baker relations, Mia is as tragic as she is horrifying, which makes her much more fascinating than many different Resident Evil franchise monsters.

17. Nemesis/Tyrant


After Capcom releases the Resident Evil 2 remake in January, many followers are protecting their fingers crossed that it remakes Resident Evil Three: Nemesis subsequent. A part of the rationale why Resident Evil Three is so in style is because of the monster that it’s named after, the ugly Tyrant often known as Nemesis, which in contrast to comparable creatures, is definitely able to some clever thought. Wearing a leather-based go well with and armed with a rocket launcher, Nemesis relentlessly pursues Jill Valentine by way of the zombie-infested streets of Raccoon Metropolis, hoping to satisfy its singular aim of killing each S.T.A.R.S. member. Nemesis’s tendency to randomly burst by means of partitions provides him a definite degree of unpredictability not many Resident Evil baddies possess, and his distinctive look has helped him develop into one of many franchise’s most iconic monsters.

There have been different memorable Tyrants within the Resident Evil collection in addition to Nemesis, although. The primary Tyrant gamers struggle on the finish of the unique Resident Evil involves thoughts, as does the yellow Bandersnatch Tyrant from Code: Veronica. There’s additionally Mr. X, the towering Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 that stalks Leon in that recreation and is making a comeback within the Resident Evil 2 remake.

18. Rachel Foley

resident evil revelations rachel foley

Through the occasions of Resident Evil: Revelations, Rachel Foley is shipped to the Queen Zenobia ship on a mission she needed no a part of, and winds up contaminated with the T-Abyss virus for her troubles. The virus warps Foley right into a particular model of the Ooze monsters that had taken over the ship, full with a big claw not in contrast to the Crimson Heads. The Ooze monsters themselves might not have left a lot of an enduring impression on Resident Evil followers, however the Ooze type of Rachel Foley is probably going a picture many are struggling to get out of their head.

19. Revenant

resident evil revelations 2 revenant

In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, gamers encounter Revenants, that are deformed monsters which might be made up of flesh and numerous torture devices. Combining their our bodies with saws and nails provides them an particularly creepy look, and they’re undoubtedly the standout monsters from Revelations 2.

20. U-Three

Most of Resident Evil four‘s boss fights concentrate on motion over horror, and whereas that’s nonetheless true for U-Three, its visible design alone earns it a spot on this record. A horrible hybrid of big bugs and an unlucky human being, the U-Three is hauntingly known as “It” earlier than it makes its grand entrance as a part of one in every of Resident Evil four‘s most startling bounce scares. The U-Three is the stuff of nightmares, and is most definitely one of many creepiest monsters in collection historical past.

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